Do you end your showers right?

Do you end your showers right?

Are you a fan of cold showers? If you’re like me, your answer is a big fat NO, and you are one of the majority. But what if we told you that there are several health benefits to ending your shower cold?

No, we are not kidding. There are even scientific studies to back up this claim. Read on to find out more about Cold Outs. You might find yourself wanting to give it a go and possibly even enjoy it.

What is a Cold Out?

Imagine yourself taking a hot, steamy shower. Just as you are about to finish, you turn down the heat to the coldest temperature while still on full blast for 30-60 seconds. That is what we call a Cold Out. Before you hightail out of here, hear us out. It is not as awful as it seems, and it is far more beneficial than you might realise.

We get that some like taking scalding showers, though it might be high time to cool off the habit. Super hot showers are not suitable for you anyway (unless you want to risk drying out and irritating your skin). But here is something that will do you a lot of good.

What Makes a Cold Out Great?

Morning Alertness

Remember that initial shock you may be dreading when the cold spray hits you? Well, that actually increases the following:

  • oxygen intake
  • heart rate
  • alertness

It is precisely what you need to start your morning right. You can now go about your morning with an extra spring in your step. It may even be just enough to lessen your caffeine intake. 

Smoother Skin, Shinier Hair

After the hot or warm water temperature, the Cold Out will soothe the stress the heat may have caused your skin. You will find it to be softer and more supple, especially if it has been dry or flaky (which can be common during Winter). It will even give it a healthier glow as it tightens and constricts your blood flow.

You might have also heard that it closes your pores, which is true (but FYI, your pores never close off entirely). The pores will take on a smoother, tighter appearance after the rush of cold water. If you have been experiencing itchy skin, a Cold Out will ease that itchiness, too.

A Cold Out presents a similar effect on your hair. The cold water closes and strengthens your hair cuticles while giving them a nice, natural shine. It will not dry out your sebum layer, either, which is essential for your scalp and hair’s protection from environmental stressors.

Calorie Burn

Are you looking to increase your metabolism and burn some calories? Yes, a Cold Out can help you with that, too. During that initial cold water shock, your body will work to protect you by keeping your temperature stable. This effort increases your heart rate and causes calorie burn. Exposure to cold temperatures will have some fat cells (like brown fat) generate heat and burn off your fat.

For those who like to work out, cold water has regenerative properties that will help ease and repair those muscles after strenuous exercise.

Improve Circulation

If experts were to choose the top benefit of Cold Outs, it would be its capacity to increase circulation. Since cold water constricts circulation on your body’s surface, the blood in your deep tissues will circulate faster to regulate your temperature.

Good blood circulation enables better flow of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. Those suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular disease will significantly benefit from the improved circulation too, as it will reduce inflammation.

Better Mood

Now, you might think you will come out of your shower cranky after being shocked, however, a Cold Out will do the opposite and actually boost your mood. Studies suggest that a cold shower will stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. This activation causes an increase in your neurotransmitters (namely norepinephrine and endorphins), giving you a nice big, high.

Immunity Boost

If the above benefits are not enough for you, a Cold Out can also give your immunity a boost. Studies say this extra protection is most likely due to improved circulation, particularly lymphatic drainage.

When you stimulate the lymphatic system, toxins and waste build-ups are easily flushed out of your system. If you have been having problems with facial and abdominal bloating, body discomfort, illness, acne, or poor sleep, then consider these issues improved! It will also help produce lactic acid, which aids in your recovery from illness or injuries.

Are you an evening shower person? No worries! While the initial shock will wake you, a Cold Out will cool your core body temperature. You will be able to fall asleep quicker and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Now that we have you convinced of the benefits of a Cold Out, here is how to do it right:
  • Try it. 30 seconds is not as long as you think, but it is long enough to expose every body part to the cold water (including hard to reach areas like your hair, face, and underarms). • Ease into it. If you are a bit apprehensive, you can ease into it by stepping back as you turn the water cold. As the temperature drops, you can test it out with your foot or hand. Then step into it fully.
  • When you are ready, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the cold water, starting with your legs, torso, then face. Next, turn around and let it hit your back. Lift your arms, saturate your hair. And do not forget your neck and lower back.
As always, your first step post shower should always be a couple of sprays of our Refreshing Toning Mist.

And voila, enjoy the rush of endorphins! Soon enough, you will find yourself positively hooked on finishing your shower with a Cold Out. I know I am!!


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