Make the most of your beauty sleep

Make the most of your beauty sleep

Are you suffering from dull, devitalised skin or have constant battles with breakouts or dry flaky skin patches? Chances are you are not giving your skin the love it needs before it hits the pillow.

Here are some simple tips which can work wonders for your skin overnight:

Cleanse your skin - twice

Your skin works so hard to fight numerous free radicals from damaging your skin during the day. These include air-conditioning, traffic pollutants, even passive smoke that may have wafted in your face as you were out walking. I mean, seriously, your skin is screaming “give me a good clean!” after a big day, so never, ever go to bed without washing your face. Unfortunately a quick rinse with water just isn’t going to do the job and deeper cleaning is necessary.

Double cleansing is highly recommended so your pores are unobstructed during the hours you sleep. To do this effectively, you lightly circulate your cleanser over your face for at least 30 seconds on the first cleanse. This helps to remove all the dirt, pollutants, makeup and excess sunscreen. Then your second cleanse removes all the traces of impurities and can avoid break-outs before they have a chance of occurring.

Our Kennedy Road Gentle Milky Cleanser is perfect for this step in your routine.

Exfoliate regularly and only at night

Exfoliating is important. But just as important is when you do it. Make sure it’s at night time, as exfoliating can leave your skin more sensitive, especially to sun exposure. Once or twice a week use Kennedy Road Exfoliating Crystals with your cleanser to gently remove your dead skin cells. On days when your skin has endured a bit more than normal, you can increase the ratio of crystals to give your skin a more intense scrub.

Use a quality Moisturiser

When the body is in its resting state your skin is recharging and absorbing the most nutrients. This is the time to use a moisturiser that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work on your skin goals. You need to replenish the vitamins and minerals that have been lost after a hard day’s work and no amount of clean eating and green smoothies will make your skin glow more than letting it soak up the goodness of quality moisturiser. Kennedy Road Luxe Botanical Moisturiser makes a great night cream, as it increases the rate of cellular renewal and is a nourishing and rejuvenating blend for the skin.

Keep a Toning Mist on your bedside

Especially important If you have a habit of sleeping with the air conditioner on in during summer, as you will notice that you wake up with your skin feeling tighter than normal in the morning. This isn’t a good tightening. It is because your skin’s hydration evaporates at a much higher speed in air conditioning. To avoid this drying of your skin during the night, it is a great habit to get into to leave a mist by your bedside and have a little spray each time you wake up. Kennedy Road Refreshing Toning Mist is not only hydrating, it smells divine and will let you fall back asleep with a smile on your face.

Sleep Well

A good night's sleep, of at least 8 hours if possible, allows you an almost complete recovery from the prior day. Plus sleeping well prevents wrinkles and dark circles - hello Beauty Sleep! Oh, and if you want extra benefits while sleeping, invest in a silk pillowcase which doesn’t leave your skin with creases from harsh cotton fibres. It also won’t soak up your night cream, instead will leave it to enhance your skin.

Sweet dreams xo


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